Thursday, May 26, 2011

Florals and prints

Next week we will be celebrating Gawai or better known as Harvest Festival. It is the traditional celebration indicates the harvesting season is over for the Iban and it is time to express their gratitude for the rezeki or something like that and it is the occasion where family get together and reunite. As usual, I do not prepare much for Gawai since we will be celebrating it at my dad long house. Normally, I just bought a few new clothes and that's all. 

For Gawai shopping this year, my sisters and I were planning to get some outfits in Kuching but it is impossible to shop properly in just one day. So, the plan failed and here comes the back up plan. We shopped at Sibu instead. There are not much stuffs that caught my attention this time. 

Yup, all the dresses that I tried on were the same design, the only differences were their prints. The puffy things you saw around my waist were the pockets. It was kind of weird and it made me looked puffed as well. I like the first one tho.

I also tried on this jumpsuit short (?). It was nice and comfortable and I love the cherry prints on the blouse.

I also tried on this sheer dress and it was too sheer. It felt as if I was only on my inner wear. Plus, it was to big anyway. Well, in the end, I only got myself one of all the items that I'd tried on. Can you guess which want I'd picked? :)


  1. Suzi, I like the first pic. That dress looks good on you. And also the 2nd since it's floral. It makes you look feminine. I think you pick the first one. I hope I guess right. hihihi...

  2. Actually i din get any of the dresses but the jumpsuit short mer..coz more convenience to move around at long house..hehehe..but maybe I'll get the first dress later :)