Monday, December 13, 2010

Amazing Arrow Helicopter

Happy Monday everyone. It's 7.44 now and I'm wide awake. How was your weekend? Mine was great although my legs are covered with bruises and I badly bruised my index finger.

I started my weekend on Friday with midnight show of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of Dawn Treader with my friends. It was awesome, way awesomer than Harry Porter and The Deathly Hollow. No offense to Potter's fan. But after the movie, Vero and I had to excuse ourselves from our normal after-movie hangout session because we both were tired. All thank to the gym. Yup, you read it right. My housemates and I went to Unimas gym that evening, working out to shape ourselves. 

It was not our first time going to Unimas gym, in fact we had a tryout there early last semester (around July or August) but something (or rather the crowd) scared us off. During semester session, the gym was packed, too packed perhaps and we're not comfortable working out in such condition, hence we opt for the outdoor for our jogging session. But during semester break, it is almost empty and all the equipments are available. My outcome, I feel refreshed and might going there again today.

On Saturday, we tried yoga at home. Super fun but tiring. I found a new passion in yoga. Mermer, you might have a friend for your trial at Sze Studio :). Our plan for Saturday was picnic at Angie's village. I went there before. This sudden picnic idea was a follow up from our picnic at Sg. Rayu last Tuesday. This time we had a bigger crowd with us. There were 11 of us and it was superb. Well, anything that river or pool related are superb for me as I'm in love with swimming. Unlike our last visit, the water current was stronger this time, thus we went to swim harder or else will be dragged along with the current.

At night, we met with Kano for our usual weekend hangout. After dinner, we hit out usual spot, Kuching Waterfont and that's where we found a new toy, the Amazing Arrow Helicopter. If you're not familiar with this thing, try drive along Kuching Waterfont at night. You will see lots of colorful thingy flying around, that's Amazing Arrow Helicopter. Basically, it is like shooting with the elastic band. Unlike the old school game, you will shoot an arrow complete with LED light into the sky. It was beautiful but painful because if you're not familiar with shooting with elastic band, the band will likely to snap at your finger. We're competing against each other to see who can shoot the highest. Pfft, Vero, Kano and Fred are the pros in this game.

At Sunday, I woke up at 10am with a very sore shoulder, hands and legs. It must the workout, yoga, swimming and the shooting game. I was so tired that I even felt sleepy walking around The Spring. At last, I just went home and slept. So, that's my weekend. How's yours? Oh, I bruised my legs while climbing the rocks at the waterfall and bruised my index finger in the shooting game. My pain worth the fun. 

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  1. unimas gym? so cool! ardy msg u at fb regarding sze yoga. lols.