Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Babies and kids

I always fascinated by babies and kids, but if only they're cute and clean of course. I know I'm biased but I can't stand dirty kids with running nose and their mother can't seem to be bothered to wipe it away. I'm not gonna let that happened to me in the future. 

By the way, I don't know why but lately I kept seeing cute kids wherever I go. The streets, shopping mall, waterfront, even Siang Siang. Seriously, these kids are everywhere lately. I even stumbled upon some videos of kids that made me go aww. 

Charlie is so cute with his laugh

Memory of first kiss. Aww, I like the smug face of Elliot after the girl kissed him. And the way he kissed the girl's shoulder too. Damn nice and sweet. Hope he will still be this romantic when he grow up.

I really love kids. But once they turned into monster and started wailing and yelling, I couldn't help but feel like want to smack their head, or cursed their mother for not shutting them up. Yeah, I'm cruel like that. I have this thought lately because my neighbor cute kid had started to acting out. He cried and wailed early in the morning, when all of us still peacefully asleep. When I was in my room studying/procrastinating, I kept hearing baby's cry from my front block neighbor and I get really pissed. Arrr..

I started to think that maybe my neighbors are just a bunch of inconsiderate people. They smacked their door to close it. This applies to car doors too. I like my window open to let the fresh air in, so I can totally heard all of this noises. They like to laugh like crazy during odd hours too. And I can hear their conversation when they talked on the phone!! This guy from my front block love to talk on the  phone in his balcony in the evening and his voice, damn it, the whole flat can hear it. 

Anyway, I was talking about different neighbors here. They are not the same person, ok. Funny how my "baby" post turned into "how much I hate my neighbors" in the end. But it feel so good to let it all out here. Plus, it's not like any of them read this. Hehehe, I'm evil sometimes.

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