Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sun, Sea, Sand, You, Me and Us

Went to Damai beach yesterday and it was fantastic. We had so much fun exploring the beach and the weather was just perfect. I was running out of sunblock and still I didn't get any sunburn. This getaway was definitely what I needed. With him joining me there, it was really great. At first, I was so nervous and my stomach got the tingling feeling. But we made it. Talking to him in real world is way much better than and it wa easy too. We talked a lot on the way home when I let him drove my car. He definitely click with my friends, joining us talking and laughing all the way. By the way, these pictures are not in chronological order. I love beach. <3 Sadly, no pictures of us playing on the beach because we were too busy splashing each other. I love the big wave and the way it push you to the shore. I will definitely come here again next time.

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