Monday, June 14, 2010

Day trips

This is what I had been up to last week. Let's the picture do the talking, shall we?

Caution: Tons of pictures ahead. Bear with my narcissism. 

Day trips to Asajaya-Simunjan-Sadong Jaya-Sebuyau back to back.

Pineapple plantation in Sg. Tambai.

I was never a fan of pineapple, but I changed my mind now. Never say never.

Little town of Simunjan.

Coconut plantation. Nothing beat the fresh coconut in the middle of hot day.

Yum yum...delicious.

I looked greedy balancing coconut on one hand and lime on another. :)

Enjoying the limes. Fruits overdose on one day.

Harvesting some to be taken back. The orchard owner insisted. Hehe

Camwhore is a must.

Can't bear the scorching sun.

Cangkuk manis, the courtesy of farm owner.

At Kilang Tebaloi the next day.

Super healthy veggies planted in netting.

Red guava in netting. Doesn't taste good I tell you.

Super nice farmer. His red guava taste real good. I can't resist it. He gave us one big plastic of salad too.

I loves road trips and site visit. Such an eye opener, aside from the fact that I'm served with fresh fruits and vegetables. And this week, I'm attached under Veterinar and will going to cattle palm plantation tomorrow. Let's hope the owner doesn't insist on us to bring his cattle back. Hehehe.

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