Monday, June 14, 2010

Homeless me.

Who thought finding a flat with a decent price is such a pain in the ass? After numerous phone calls and asking around, I'm still back to square one. I did found a flat with a decent price but the contract agreement is ridiculous. And others, the price is out of my league. I'll be living on instant noodles and absolute no social life if I take that flat. It's so not worth all the scarifications. 

Terrace house is not on my list too because 1) my dad says no. He claims that it is not safe and I'm totally agree with him. 2) the price is way too high. So, that left me with no choice but to hunt harder for shelter. Now, I'm kind of wish my dad had said yes to his promotion to Kuching early last year. But that will be very selfish of me of course. 
I did appealed for room in my hostel but my guts are telling me I don't stand a chance on that. Screw hostel, I'm done staying there. Too many stupid rules and the facilities are crap. The dateline of my house-hunting is real close, as close as 3 weeks, right after my industrial training over and the new semester starts. Anyone knows any flats that cheap and live-able, please share the information with me. No rewards but I will thank you from the deepest of my heart.

On the other note, I still couldn't believe how brave I am to push my luck with him. But I guess a simple invitation for a hangout is the answer. I can sense that he wanted to move further but too shy. The obvious hint he gave when he mentioned how happy his mate looked when he hangout with us is the final draw for me. So, I just simply ask if he want to join us for hangout next time and thank God, he said yes. Perhaps I'm just tired of sitting around waiting for something to happen, so I make it happened instead. Cheers for a new level of our friendship. 

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