Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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Note the titles, both are leading to one thing. MARRIAGE. (I Do, I Do, I Do & The Good Bride Guide). Don't worry, I'm not planning on getting married anytime soon. It is just a coincidence. I had these books with me for a while but I never manage to read it. The Good Bride Guide was my 21st birthday gift from Carol, few months later I still haven't read it yet. Life got pretty hectic now and I abandoned my passion for reading for quite a while. I miss those moment when you immersed yourself in a good book and feeling all happy inside out. So lately, I picked up my novels ( pity them, all covered in dust) and just finished reading Chosen from House of Night series. I got so pissed off with Neferet ( the Goddess in HOS) and so keen to know what happens next, but I'm too broke to splurge on the sequel. But lucky, I still got these novels to accompany me. 

Confession: I just found out that when I'm at home, I spent 80% of my waking hour on the internet. Facebooking, blog-walking, twittering, tumblr-ing, online shopping. I need a life. So, tonight, I'm going out to meet my friends and watch Sex and The City 2. I miss my friends and I can't wait to catch Carrie on the screen.

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