Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Important Meal

When works are pilling up, what should you do?

Head over to the nearest McD and enjoy their Big Breakfast, of course.

Nobody should work with empty stomach.

Today is the second day I'm attached to Pertubuhan Persatuan Peladang (PPK) and I already missed my cubicle the second I stepped into PPK office. This building is super old and never been maintained from the look of it. Without any briefing or what so-ever, we were tossed with thousand of pending receipt to be written. We were precisely told to do a research on one of the scheme here, not doing their pending job. So, today we stood up for ourselves and ditched the mountain high receipts. 

Even with reports queuing up, I never let that get in my way of getting fun. Last night, I went to watch The Karate Kid with my friends. It was a blast. Honestly, I think I'm falling for a nine years old. Jaden Smith is a total sweetheart. Do check Steph 's blog for our hangout last night. 

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