Thursday, June 3, 2010


I'm coming back to city tomorrow.
Can't wait!!
Need to clear some stuffs in my to-do-list

At least today is better than any days before. I went to visit some house with the family, coming back all happy to the long house because I'm full with great delicacies. I love food! Fret not people, I'm visiting with the parents, so I'm alcohol free all day. Well, it's a different story when it's night. It's a tradition here to invite the house owner of the house that you visited to come visiting to your house. 

Today my mum didn't prepare anything because we didn't even plan to go visiting. So, imagine how busy I am preparing whatever I could find in the fridge to serve the visitors while the parents entertained them in the living room and the siblings are nowhere to be found. On such a short notice, all I could came out with are the ready-made biscuits and delicacies. It was super tiring to attend the guests and it made me think twice about joining the family open house in Sibu. I only got one day to spend there before flying off to Kuching. Obviously, I rather spend it running around town getting me shopping done. Ok, choice made. : )

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