Wednesday, June 16, 2010

For once, thanks Orang Minyak

Funny how I looked back, I realized Orang Minyak had brought me to her. It was during my days at Labuan Matriculation College when we first met. She's roommate of my friend and I illegally move in to their room. And the rest is history. 

Readers, meet Marie Marilyn Puyang.

This is the only decent picture of her that I can find.  But, I assure you, she's one big camwhore. Maybe that's why we get along so well. Another similarity that bonded us together is our disease, the procrastination. Yup, when people are struggling for their exam, we had our movie marathon, wandering around the fourth floor of Block C Madani asking others for movies.

Another thing is, we're all scady-cat. So, we slept together on the floor, despite the fact that we have a complete bed each. Maybe we're much prefer to cram on each other sleeping on the 2 mattresses. Oh, by we, I meant all of us in that room. There were four of us. The mattresses are so crowded that once May slapped me right in the face when she turned around in her sleep. I did confronted her the next morning. 

Since I was an illegal emigrant, I was not entitled a study table in their room because they dedicated 'my' table to put our culinary tools. May was kind enough to share her table with me. So, when we studied, we had to crammed our butts to our shared space. May was trying to study for her exam in the picture above and me, well, as usual, procrastinate around camwhoring.

Because she was kind enough to share her table with me, in return, I let her use my laptop. We always fight for the laptop to play Diner Dash. By the way May, I still couldn't get to the highest level. *sob sob*. Like me, May is a movie freak too. Trust me, look at her picture below. She looked so focus, finishing her maggie without taking her eyes off the laptop screen. 

In term of craziness, we're equivalent to each other. Remember our 'clubbing' day in our room? Why are we so lame, turning off the light in our room and put on the blasting music player and pretended that we're in a club. But I had fun dancing that night. To welcome 2008, we threw our very own new year party. It was awesome. With the crazy truth and dare session and cake cutting and 'champagne'.

I miss those moments very much.

Dear soulmate, I know things are not going your way now. Life is a rough journey but hang in there, okay? You always told me to be strong and no one worth our tears. Boys or no boys, we will survive. We maybe useless, hopeless and jobless but we have each other. I will always be there for you. 

Love, me.

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