Monday, June 7, 2010

Friend of His Friends

I don't know about other people, but for me Facebook really does the wonder. It connects me with my miles apart old friends and keep me updated with what happens to so and so life, who's dating who and so on. And for my friend whom know me, Facebook keeps me in touch with him. We share almost 1/3 of my friends as mutual friends.

Some of our mutual friends are whom we did hang out with together and some are my best friend whom he never spoke with in real life and some are his friends, whom I never spoke with as well. Lately, I've been friend with one of his mates in real life. Then another one of his mates started to comment on my statuses and one after another they are coming. And suddenly, I felt like I'm friend to his friend too. Not just the Facebook friend, it's like the real-life-friend friend.

Sometimes it feel weird to chat with someone you never actually speak with in real life and all you do when you spot each other is just walking by like a total stranger. But most of the time, it just feel natural. But imagine next semester when I bump into them around campus, it will be awkward. I means should I smile or should I just act like a stranger? But the safest option is to stay natural I guess, smile when they smile at me or just simply do the head nodding gesture. Because personally for me, I don't like people whom act like they didn't know me when see me in real life albeit the fact that we're talking like we've known each other on the internet. If that the case, I see no point in keeping you in my friend list. I mean? Nah, I don't think so. I'm just being human.

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