Saturday, January 21, 2012

Seafood galore

You know how Sabah is popular with its seafood. Everywhere you go around KK town, there's a seafood restaurant at almost every corner. So, I had seafood dinner every night during my stay there. And I was just recovering from my skin allergic so I had to go slow on my seafood consumption, just as precaution. But the next day, I couldn't care less and stuffed myself with lots and lots of prawns and fish. 

We arrived late in the evening and went straight to 1Borneo after checking in at hotel. First meal in KK would be an early dinner at Nyonya House in 1B. 

Opt for fresh juice
#1 Curry fish

#2 Squid

#3 Lady finger Nyonya style



The next night, we went for fresh seafood dinner at the Philippines Market. No pictures tho cause we were hungry to the max after coming back from Manukan Island. But the food was great but the service, well you know it la..

Third night, we went to Kimbo ( ) Restaurant for another round of seafood dinner. At this point, I was starting to get sick of seafood. 

#6 Giant coconut crab




#10 Non halal Pork BBQ rice for lunch on the fourth day

#11 Ermm pork noddles?

#12 Peanut butter toast
That was our lunch on the 4th day at Hong Kong Noodles House in 1B. No pictures for food on 3rd day because we were exploring Kundasang and Poring. 

A round of frozen yogurt after shopping.

#13 I wish Sibu has Tutti Frutti

At night, we went to Ocean Village for another seafood dinner (duh). No pictures because moi was tired and grumpy. All that I wanted to do at that time was skipped dinner and went for body massage. My whole body was in pain and had terrible muscle sore after all the hiking and trekking at Poring. No, I didn't get massage treatment in the end. ='= 

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