Wednesday, January 11, 2012


"No matter how many times she says "I don't care",
truth is, she really does care"

It feel so good to be able to let things off my chest. Just me alone in the dark, crying my heart out. It's probably a month late but once I let it off, I felt so much better. I thought I won't think about it much after I buried everything deep down in my memory box. Boo hoo, once again I was proven wrong. Nothing hurt more than a happy memory in the past that crawled back to haunt you now. Knowing that you could have it all once upon a time, but now you were left with nothing but pain. No amount of shopping, vacation, alcohol or even cigarette that can heal the heartache. Maybe time could, I hope so. Enough of dwelling, it's a brand new day today, I'll keep my chin up and smile. 


  1. True. And I believe time can heal... you'll be better soon, just have fun! enjoy life! :) I'm new here.. And I love your blog.

    ♥ from the Philippines,

  2. Thanks Nicajoice :) Glad you love the blog. You too, have fun gorgeous! I'll check out your blog :)