Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kundasang & Poring

KK trip day 3! My family and I went for a day tour to Kundasang & Poring. Since our guide insisted that we must go and see the famous Mount Kinabalu before it is covered by mist in the afternoon, we departed from KK at 7.30 am. So damn early and I ended up slept in the van during the whole journey. Only woke up when we reached the foothill (kaki bukit :p) for breakfast and some shopping. 

That's Mount Kinabalu behind me.
It was a bit chilly and the rain did not help, had to walk everywhere with my pink umbrella

If you see closely, there were some houses on the hills. 

More houses on top of some hills.

Umbrellas and scarves are our best friends on that day.
If you notice, Mount K is slightly hidden by the mist. This picture was taken around 10-ish in the morning.
By afternoon Mount K was totally hidden by the thick mist and the temperature dropped and we're a bit freezing.

Went to Kinabalu Park. 
If you notice the white stream at the misty hill behind us, it was a waterfall. And I heard that the water is freezing cold and no villagers would go there.

Fell in love with the visitor lounge at Kinabalu park
After warming up at the Exhibition Centre, we left Kundasang and went to Poring Hot Spring

A chemical-contaminated stream at Poring.
Before I went to KK, I did some research about must go places in Sabah and Poring Hot Spring is one of it.
However, I've read some bad reviews about how run down and crowded the public bath tub.

Turned out, the review is true. 
I have to say, the crowd was a little bit over the top. There were children running everywhere and most all of tubs were occupied. Honestly, I kinda doubt the hygiene of the tub as it looked rather run down. 

Both of my bath tub pictures were taken from afar, as if I was hiding in the bushes and spying on people in the public tub. wtf! It was because we skipped the public tub area and went straight to the canopy walk.

Not feeling cold anymore cause I sweat like a pig after all the hiking

Halfway to the canopy walk.
My aunt was so excited to bring us to the canopy walk but she forgot to mention one thing. We have to do some JUNGLE TREKKING to reach the canopy walk. Judging from our attire, it was obvious none of us were dress for trekking.

Moi wore the wrong foot wear some more!
Almost ruined my sandals from the 30 minutes trekking, I got stuck in the mud quite a few times.
The hiking part was a bit tricky since it rained earlier.

Reached the first canopy walk station. 
Had to wait in the tree house for our turn since only 6 persons are allowed on the canopy walk at a time.

I have no idea how far we were from the ground because I couldn't see the ground.
All that I saw were trees and branches below me.

Made friends with German tourist after being stuck waiting for my turn

Have you ever seen people jungle trekking in dress? 
My sis did it with style :p

After sweating it out, we went to check out the stalls outside the Hot Spring.

Strand and strand and strand of pearls

I didn't bought anything there because I'm not really into pearls. Since it gets dark early there, we left around 4 pm and stopped by some road side stalls that sold durians. Poor our van driver had to wait for us while we were eating the durians by the road side. Around 5pm, it got chillier and the mist got thicker, it looked as if it was 7pm. 

After one whole day of these physical activities, we all suffered from sore muscles and crammed legs the next day. However, it did not stopped us from doing some heavy shopping. Will share about my shopping haul next time!


  1. Looks like you really had so much fun! :)


  2. I was a nice getaway to experience the nature. :)