Sunday, January 8, 2012

Manukan Island

During my trip to Kota Kinabalu, my family and I managed to explore Manukan Island. My dad was a bit reluctant to go to the island at first because December was monsoon season but 5 over 1, he lost. Hehehe It rained a little early in the morning but thank God the weather was perfect for a beach getaway soon after.

Act like a tourist

Our ride to the island, it took about 20 minutes to reach there

Reaching the Manukan jetty

The cousins and us

Group photo

We spotted lots of colorful little fish just under the jetty. But when I went snorkeling, I saw none. That's because I was snorkeling near the shore. I wanted to swim under the jetty but it looked a bit scary plus I was scare of jellyfish. I was bitten once and now staying away from jellyfish forever. Lesson learnt.

Rocking the bikini after breakfast

The beach was a bit crowded since it was peak season. Both the pictures above were taken around afternoon, so there were not much visitors hanging by the beach as most of them were bombarding the restaurant for lunch.

Almost saw a fish but it swam too fast and I lost it. In the end, I was snorkeling for my sister camera cause she lost it in the water ='= Thank God we found it.

Tried sunbathing but we couldn't take the heat and abandoned our mat after 15 minutes

Straw hat to avoid the heat. Slouched my shoulder so I won't look too fat but moi stomach still bulging

We went parasailing afterward since the sis insisted. She requested for 30 minutes up in the air for a 15 minutes package. Guess how long we stayed in the air?

Taking off
I must warn you guys, I didn't look good in any of my parasailing pictures.

We were just a minute up the air and the sis already yelled for the guide to take us down. I admitted, it was scary at first, but once we were completely up in the air, it was quite fun, if you minus my sis screaming voice. Yeah, she even cried up there ='= so much for wanting a half an hour time up in the air. The thrill of parasailing was when the guide lower our parachute and our feet almost soaked in the sea water. It was scary as we were in the middle of the sea and the sea water is almost black. I couldn't imagine what were in the sea that waiting for us. choi choi choi I must be watching too much movies!

Landed! And someone was wiping her tears

Banana boat! 

Moi at the front

It was much more exciting than parasailing. Sitting at the front means you would be the one that would got splashed by the sea water. Lucky the wave that day wasn't strong and our banana boat didn't flipped. 

Boat race on the way back

Failed jump shot at the jetty

I was hoping to catch sunset by the beach but we're not allowed to stay there past 5pm unless if we rent a chalet. Bummer! Next beach on my list will be Langkawi, hopefully by this year XD


  1. Waaa! You did parasailing. SO JEALOUS! It must be thrilled, right? Wow, I think I'm gonna do that one day.

  2. Very thrilling! I kept thinking that the steel that hold my robe will break and I will fall into the deep blue sea hehehe but I would love to do it again :)