Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas & new year eve dinner

Christmast 2011 was a simple one for me as my family are not really into Christmas and I just realized I didn't even blast any Christmas song unlike yesteryear. Besides, I spent the rest of Christmas Day jam-packed in the back seat of car for 8 hours of ride. 

But still, Christmas dinner is a must. Since we're on the road on the Christmas eve and only reached my aunt's place at night, she could only prepared a simple steamboat dinner. However, simple yet fulfilling dinner that was. My aunt invited over some of her friends for dinner. Family, checked! Friends, checked! Food, checked! Perfect combo for Christmas dinner.

The only downside from the dinner was I couldn't enjoy the seafood as I was still recovering from my allergic. Nonetheless, I was surrounded by my love ones, so no seafood in my steamboat was okay. But when I was in Kota Kinabalu, I had seafood overload dinners for 3 days straight to make up for the no-seafood-steamboat. :p

My dad birthday fall on the new year eve and since we would be on the road back home, my aunt suggested we had an early birthday/new year eve dinner. We had our dinner at Lotus Restaurant on the 30th. The place was ambient but the food was so so, rather bland if I must say. 

Moi with a slightly over-lined right eye

Gotcha cousin!

We had a 10 courses dinner and the food was a lot, maybe because there were 10 of us. I tried to take the food picture when it was served. Everything went well at first, but when we were entering our 4th meals, they didn't wait for me to take picture. Everyone were already ready with their forks and spoons and their utensils beat my phone - ____ - . Plus, the waitress served the food too fast. I didn't even eat some few dishes because the waitress already taking away the dishes to be put into smaller plate. So, I was just snapped the picture with one hand and forking my food with another hand just to make sure I get the food and the picture. Turned out, half the pictures were blur ops!

The starter which was my favorite among all the dishes

Herb chicken

Broccoli mushroom, didn't get to eat this however. Sigh


Steamed fish, taste rather bland

Butter prawn

Dragon fruit with sour sop as dessert

The missing dishes are fried rice (nothing special actually), mixed vegetables, shark fin soup and another dessert, red bean with melted vanilla ice cream.  But we brought our our own extra dessert, dad's cappuccino birthday cake! By the way, the name of the dishes are not as what I wrote here. I can't remember it, so I just wrote what it was (obviously, duh!)

My old man blowing his candles
Weird birthday boy he is because he never eat his own birthday cake
Guess what the old man got for his birthday??
An Iphone 4S! 
Yes, I'm jealous by the way


Just notice only my dad wore white meanwhile all of us were in a bit of black
Hmmm this birthday boy sure knew how to make himself stand out

Family picture again in front of the restaurant before we went back
Simple celebration but we were all contented.  

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