Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My first 2012 challenge has failed miserably. It is impossible to spend only RM100 for two weeks. Seriously, even for basic necessity like petrol and food, it will exceed RM100 somehow. #financialplanningfail.

Actually I was doing good for the first week, I even jotted down my spending in a little notebook. But came the weekend and I started to have a sudden craving for Double Cheese Burger from McD. I kept thinking that I had been working really hard and deserved a little something nice. Without a second thought, I drove to McD and next thing I knew, I only had a fraction of RM100 for my petrol and totally forgot about the little notebook.

Though the challenge has failed but I'm doing good in my spending, at least I think so. I'm saving for something bigger, something that I want to do more in 2012. Travelling, of course! Finger crossed for me.

By the way, I had a wonderful birthday celebration with my friends and family yesterday. The celebration started a day before my actual birthday. All thanks for my bestie with her surprise during dinner. :) Growing old with lots of love from family and friends is the ideal way for me. Will blog about it soon. Stay tuned!

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