Friday, May 14, 2010


I'm not suppose to do this but I don't care. I don't have any task lining up on my table so I figure a little update on my internship won't hurt. It had been a week already and I'm doing well here. The first two days quite a pain in the ass because my boss still on sick leave. Nobody have the authority to assign us yet, so, that left us with nothing to do for the whole day. Sitting in my cubicle reading any reading material that I could find and yet the time still seemed to pass real slow.

But on Wednesday, we had a meeting with boss and were briefed about the work scope of the department. Our supervisor is great, making us feel welcome here almost instantly. The staffs here are friendly as well, none of them give us the you-too-young-and-know-nothing look. I must say, this working experience had somehow alter  my personal opinion on working with government agency. Well, the old myth about how lazy the government workers are, only part of it is true. They're not lazy actually, just there is nothing for them to do. So, they laze around. Can't blame them though, as I might probably ending up doing the same thing. Well, I am now. Blogging during the office hour.

The 8-5 working hours really drain me. Now I understand how my dad feels after a whole day of work. Working in the office may seems like a breeze but seriously, it can drain you mentally and physically. After long hour at work, I have to go home and tidy up and prepare dinner, you can add laundry to the list on some days. When the clock strike 10 at night, I get sleepy. I can't remember when was the last time I slept before 12 and waking up to the morning sun. Now I have the taste of all that. But I love this. It may sounds crazy because I loath 8-5 job before but now? Damn, I like this. I enjoy being busy and productive. This is only my first week here, I hope I didn't say all this way too soon. Who knows? The torture might start next week.  Till then, thank God it's Friday.

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