Monday, May 31, 2010

One extra chair for the bags, please.

By the end of the day, I always complained about stiffed shoulder. The person to be blamed is myself for carrying almost a 1kg handbag. See, we girls can't live without our bag. That's where we toss all of stuff that we need before we're heading out. When we are out eating, my friends and I always get ourselves an extra chair for our bag. Our bags are like our best friend, they go everywhere we go and will definitely not sitting on the floor. Once, a guy friend of mine asked why my bag is always big? Well, I just smile and said you wouldn't want to know.

Now, let's take a look what causing me the stiffed shoulder after all day of carrying it around.

  • The basic stuffs: purse and my phone.
  • Stationary: A small notebook and pens ( and marker too?) I don't why I carry the marker around, it was in my bag and I never take it out I guess.
  • A black gold stripped purse on the upper left corner. That is where I store my pendrive, some earrings, memory card adapter and dental floss (??) . I actually never use the dental floss but I keep it anyway.
  • A book, currently I just finish reading The Books Lover Appreciation Society. It is the compilation of some great shorts stories from great authors like Sophie Kinsella, Elizabeth Noble and Cecelia Ahern and so much more.The transparent file at the back is actually for my work.
  • Sunsilk leave in conditioner.
  • The Body Shop lipbalm.
  • Oxy 5 (for the sudden zit).
  • Clean & Clear oil control paper blot.
  • Old school hair tie ( getah amoi as my friends refers it to).
  • Some tissues.
  • Hair comb.
  • Hansaplast, very important because I always scrapped my feet when forcing myself to wear some shoes.
  • Blue polka dot purse, where I put my coins, keys and candy.

Notice that I don't carry a mirror with me? I don't know why but I don't carry one around. If I need to check my reflection, I'll just find any thing that can reflect, eg: phone screen, windows, or any shiny objects. Now I know where all the weight came from. Pheww, can't live without those necessities even if the quite a burden to be carried around. And some days, I carry my water bottle with me and the bag gets heavier. When I too tired to carry this around, I picked a small tote and only put the basic and lipbalm. Going out without bag makes me feel like going out naked. Hehehe..we girls really need our bags.

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