Monday, May 17, 2010


I can't believe that I'm so cheesy. The culprit must be the overdose blushing moment. Hey you, I think it's your fault, but keep doing that, please. Because you made my day. I <3 the moment when I'm busy getting ready for work every morning and you greet me with a simple 'Good morning Suz'. I found myself smiling at my reflection in the mirror while applying my mascara. Heck, I'm even grinning widely when I'm typing this.

I'm so glad to know some facts from you. Thank you thank you thank you. : ) We're doing great now, aren't we?   It's a long journey I've going through with you. I don't know what had made me hang in there for you all this while, it must be the faith. Yes, I have faith in you. You always know what to say when things aren't going my way and you listen to me rambling about some stuff that doesn't make sense.

I'm trying hard not to fall head over heel for you. But it's getting harder. Man, you got me under your spell. Part of me hate myself for succumb to this feeling. Perhaps I'm afraid to get hurt again. I always remind myself not to let love conquer me yet I feel like I want to surrender now. Yes, you is the risk that I'm willing to take. I can't hide forever under the shield.

I told you I'm getting cheesy now. Pardon for that and thank you for reading this.  I need a place to rant about this feeling. Have a nice day, everyone.

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