Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quickie Update

I loath meeting when I have no idea what are they talking about. What figure? What budget? Today is my second meeting which is the extension of our first meeting. I had pleasant experience during the last meeting because I enjoy listening to them discussing the current issues and projects. It helps to expose me to the real working scope. But today they are talking about figure and budgets, which I find absolutely boring. The only things that keep me going through the meeting is my broadband sim card and the meal afterward. Yesterday I have my first site visit. It was fantastic. I'll share the experience later. If you notice, I'm typing this without paragraph. Well, that because I'm updating this from my phone. Didn't bring laptop today because the meeting is scheduled for whole day. Thus, I'm making full use of the available facilities. Dear time, please fast forward to evening so that I can pack and tune into Gawai mode.

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