Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I smell freedom, do you?

Done with my last paper today. God, please let me pass my exam, Amen. I won't be greedy, just give me a C and I already grateful. Last paper today was totally the paper that I fear the most. Since secondary school, I was never good at chemistry. Well, I just don't care what will happen if you add bromine into alkene or what is the linkage stereoisomer of this that bond. Who cares anyway?

It's sure feels great to walk out the exam hall and realized you don't have to stay up at night feeding your brain with the notes that you know you'll soon will forget right after the exam's over or worst, even before the exam start. Man, this is such as relief. All the burdens had been lifted off. Now I can sleep whenever I want, surf the net without feeling guilty and having as much guilty pleasure as I want. But first, I have to pack. 

I hate packing. It's tiring and depressing. I have way too many stuffs. Often I take two to three days to pack all of it. Then I have to carry it all the way down from 3rd floor to the parking lot. Somehow I realized my stuffs keep increasing or are they expanding? I already sent some back home but still I noticed no changes. Hmmm...way too much shopping perhaps? I wish I could leave some of my stuffs in my hostel but then I realized next semester I probably will not stay in th college. Yeah, they kicked me out.

So, I'm moving. I have to anyway. Next Monday I'll start my Industrial Training and I rent a flat with my friends. This is will be my first time staying on my own. No rules no regulation. I feel so grown up. Hahaha. Anyway, I should start looking for a house for rent. I'll need that next semester. Till then, I'll be enjoying myself till I got bored. Happy Holiday everyone and Goodbye Year 2. Next semester, it will be a new clean start.

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