Monday, May 31, 2010

Site Visit

As one of the practical module, we were taken to a field visit last week. It was the perk of my training so far, if you exclude the dramas at the office. Our first stop for the morning is Agriculture Institute in Semenggok.
Upon reaching there, we were given a brief introduction of the institute. It was old, you can judge it by the building there. It was a big estate but with only few students. Each intake which as once in every two years, only 100 students are accepted. And they have to go through interview for that. The upside is the study loan is fully sponsored by government and RM 150 allowance given each month to the students.  Still, I won't be jumping at the opportunity to study there because it is just for the sake of certificate and you have to continue to Diploma for a higher level. 

We were taken to the Fetigasi (Fertilizer Irrigation) farm. It was fun because we were allowed to harvest the tomatoes. The tomatoes were firm and taste good too. We were so sakai and picked as much tomatoes as we can stuffed into our bag.

The tomatoes in Fetigasi

Loves the tomatoes

Our next stop is ARC. The staffs there weren't friendly at all. We waited for about half an hour for the person in charge but still he never showed up. So, we left for Serian instead. 

Step and I did managed to take a picture in the ARC office.

Our supervisor, Encik Johan  is super nice. When he found out that we never explore Serian before, he took us around the town. We went to the dry market and Encik Johan did some groceries shopping there. He told us about Ranchan and since none of us ever been there, we were so excited when he took us there. The trip to Ranchan was not in the plan actually. The trip to Serian was more like sight-seeing.

I was really tempted to dive in when I saw the Waterfall

The three stooges.

Since we couldn't do much at the waterfall besides dipping our feet to the cold water, we didn't stay long. Our last stop for the day was the Tarat where the Agriculture Department's Research Center is located. We were taken to see the netting vegetable. This is where the vegetables sold around Serian, Samarahan and Kuching are planted.

The well-grown veggies.

It was during the afternoon and the sun was high, so all of us were sweating bucket. Imagine that we were strolling around Baju Kurung, the damp clothes practically stick to our skin and very uncomfortable. I saw some farmers were weeding the vegetable bed under the hot sun. The scorching sun was unbearable. It was hot and dry and we were tired. These people really had worked hard. They amazed me with the ability to stay under the hot sun tending the farm meanwhile we tried to find any shady spot to avoid the sunlight. For now on, I'll eat more veggies as the appreciation to the farmers. Hehehe. 

Inspecting the Chinese Mustard

Given the briefing about the estate.  

Honestly, I didn't take much notes at the end of the visit because I was already worn out and it was too hot. Such trip was great though. I had gained much experience and enjoyed the journey. I would love to go on such trip again rather than sitting around doing nothing at the office.

** Happy Gawai Day to all the Dayak. I'm celebrating Gawai at Song as usual. I was shocked when I tried to connect the broadband and it actually worked.  The longhouse really had improved a lot now, flashback to few years back, I couldn't even found a signal even if I climbed up to the top of the longhouse.

Got to go, tonight is the night for the celebration. Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai, Chelap Lindap Lantang Senang Nguan Menua...OooooHaaaaa!!

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