Friday, May 21, 2010

Gawai To-do-list

Seriously, I was too stress on being worry about my Gawai leave till I forget the Gawai is just a week away. Actually it was my dad, he kept bugging me to ask about leave for Gawai even on my first day of internship here. Yes, my dad is that excited about me coming home, he even took the risk to book flight for me as early as Chinese New Year without consulting me first. God answered my dad prayer and I got my leave, exactly match the flight ticket. 

Though Gawai is the festival for Iban but I have to admit, the excitement of the Gawai is not as high as other celebration. Heck, I'm even more excited for Chinese New Year. The sole cause for this perhaps I was surrounded by Chinese since primary school. I got more Chinese New Year wishes rather than Gawai. Now that I realized, I never actually shop for new clothes for Gawai but I'm going on crazy shopping spree for Chinese New Year. Weird, eh? 

Nothing change much for this year. I'm still very excited to reunite with my family and going back to our long house. But that's all it. Still I decide to spice things up a little bit. So I came up with this to-do-list.

  1. I need to fix my bang. It getting longer and messy now. I'm going to get it reborn. Just the bangs, not my whole hair because I want to let the hair grow naturally. I'm thinking about coloring but that need to wait till next semester. 
  2. Actually I can't think of anything else. Shopping? I'm going back to long house, the attire will be just shorts and shirts. But, I'll check Padini and Nichii for something new tomorrow. Truth is, I'm saving money for something else. Translation, I'm broke.
  3. I want a camera. This have nothing to do with Gawai but I'd been thinking about this.

Office environment scares me. I'm living in reality show drama. 

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