Thursday, January 29, 2015

The late birthday post

Call it growing wiser but I'm no longer anticipate my birthday this year. Probably because I have hit the mid 20's mark and on my way to the 30's wtf. As long I have this blog, I've documented my birthday here and this tradition shall continue because it will be a great read for me when I'm older.

Read about my birthday when I turned 21,  22, 23, 24, & 25 here. 

There's no more surprise element for me because the birthday celebration is kind of family tradition where we gather together for birthday dinner and blow the candles and stuff. I already had my birthday dinner with my friends earlier. 

But my sweet friends still manage to surprise me with birthday breakfast on the actual day.
Hot chocolate delivered to my office along with hot dogs and cake. <3 p="">
I'm not even sorry having Oreo cheesecake as lunch hahaha

We had steamboat at home. I've requested for prawns and the sweet bf was peeling all of my prawns for me hahaha This is a very rare case because he don't like prawn plus I'm a pro at peeling prawn with fork only.

You know you're old  no longer young when your candles almost overtaking the whole cake.

It was a simple celebration and my wishes remains almost the same as far as I remember. LOL. 

Say real one, I'm feeling pressure when people want to do my wish before blowing candles and I basically wish for the most basic things.

Full and content. 

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