Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hello 2015

As I was done writing the wrap up of my 2014, I started to outline my 2015 and frankly I'm quite excited about it. Although my 2015 plans do not differ much from the previous year, still I am very much anticipating it. This year I can no longer call myself as young adult, I'll be in my late 20's. Wtf that sounds so old. I've spent some times last year to evaluate myself and trying to change to be a better person.

1) Be a better me
This will be an on-going process for me as I believe I have a lot to work on like be patient, stop cursing when I'm driving, be punctual (trust me, I've tried but oh well) and eliminate toxic people around me. If I can't help it, I'll just distant myself away.

2) Practice healthy lifestyle
I really mean it this time and hopefully can maintain the habit. The best progress for me in 2014 is just 2 weeks. This time I won't aim too high, just clean eating and exercise once a week is good enough for a starter. The last time I hit the gym was back in October last year. New year new beginning, huh?

3) Travelling
I already had my travelling for this year lined up since last year and looking at it, I'm so thrill because I'll be going to new places. I'm slowly venturing into southeast Asia and looking forward to new experiences that those places will offer me. So far my travelling plans including Cambodia, Bali and Hong Kong.

4) Spend more time with my dog
Every time I came home knackered from work, all that I wanna do is just lying down and take a nap. Pino is always so excited to see me but I really have no energy to play or walk him. Most of the time, I just smooch him and let him out to do his business, he'll come back in once he's down. Recently I watched a viral video in Youtube and it breaks my heart to imagine Pino going through the same thing every time I go out. He always waiting for me by the door when I come back. So now I spend at 10 minutes a day walking him around the neighborhood and he loves it.

5) Practice gratitude
Be grateful and thankful for every little things in my life is something that I do not do as often as I wish. I took everything for granted before and learnt my lesson the hard way. The Universe decided to give me a second chance and I'm very thankful for that. Expressing my gratitude has help me to count my blessing as well.

So far my 2015 is off to a great start and I will try my best to practice what I preach here.

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