Thursday, January 8, 2015

What was I thinking?!

I never label myself as a hoarder but I am having hard time letting go of my stuff most of the time. Often I find my heart debating with my brain whether to throw the dress to my "to keep" pile or "to throw" pile. Sadly, the heart always win.

In my new year new me spirit, I decided to do one last spring cleaning. I just did one awhile ago and threw away tons of clothes that I no longer wear. 
This time, I'm determine to let go of clothes that I haven't wear in 6 months. 
Surprisingly, I did quite well. 

One basket of unwanted clothes.

I have to admit, deciding that you don't want the clothes anymore and throwing it into the basket is very addictive. I've came across some pieces that made me went "what was I thinking?!" wtf

Let me show you!

Threw away this pump that I bought 6 or 7 years ago. It never see the daylight and molding in the corner of my room. Lesson learnt! Never buy the cheap PVC type of pump.

My so 70's dress that I never wore. It was too big for my frame and completely drown me. And the color, let's just not talk about it. 

This shapeless dress that I bought long long time ago and had been kept in a corner of my closet since then. Sometimes I really amuse myself, what was I thinking?!

This piece is very nostalgic as I wore this denim skirt when I was 16/17 years old. It still fit me though it is a little tight now. But I can't foresee myself wearing this again at this age. So it has to go.

Wore this once and hated it. Notice the weird waistline? It was because I stitched it from the inside to make it fit me. Obviously, I make a bad seamstress.  

So, I'm saying goodbye to these pieces and I'm not even sorry about it. Now, excuse me. I need to continue my online shopping. Bye!

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