Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Early birthday dinner

Last week I had an early birthday dinner with my friends at Golden Happiness. It was a small and intimate gathering for Hoe's and my birthday. Our birthdays is just one day apart lolol. 

It was very unusual for us to go to restaurant for birthday because we are more like cafe type of people. But boy, the food made the almost one hour wait worth it. We reached at 7.30pm and the food came at almost 8.30pm because the restaurant was packed, literally.

Miao introduced this prawn balls and it was delicious but a tad pricey. RM8 per ball. So this dish alone cost RM64. But worth it for me. 

I forgot what this call but it's duo pork dishes, A thumb up for this. 

Our cold platter. Sorry it is blur because we were all famished. By far, this is best cold platter that I've had.

Man tou with pork was good too. I was already super full at this point.

But we over-ordered a bit because we had veggies and fried mee too. We ended up only had half of our mee. Patrick was feeling guilty but we all just shrugged it off hahhaha.

As per usual, we went to McDonald for dessert as Hoe was craving for the ice-cream. We stayed and chatted till midnight about everything. Life, career and fate. I guess this is the conversation that the adult had. 

Thank for my lovely gift girlfriends! I love it <3 p="">


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