Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Number 76 Experience

I have heard almost every bloggers rave about the popular Japanese hair salon that takes Malaysia by the storm, Number 76. I was very keen to try on the service since it is a Japanese hair salon and the Japanese is popular with their top notch service.

Few months back when I was in KL, I booked an appointment to get my hair done in their Bangsar 2 branch. I needed a new hair color and hair treatment to make sure my hair is presentable to the public.

All set and ready for my hair makeover. I booked Amy for color and treatment. Number 76 is running promotion from time to time and during my visit, it was free scalp treatment if you do Ultrasonic Treatment. 

Unfortunately, I could not do the treatment if I color my hair as it will be too harsh for my fine hair, as advised by Amy. I couldn't bleach my hair too because my hair will not be able to survive it.

The state of my hair at that moment. Dry and frizzy at the end and horrible black root.

Frizzy end but lucky not much split ends.

I booked for Amy, so I'm expecting her to do the consultation and coloring for me. I've screenshot lots of hair colors that I wanted to experiment for but too bad my hair couldn't take bleaching. So almost all no-no for me :(

Instead Amy suggested red for me as it suited my skin tone better. Initially, I wanted ash color but the color will makes me look dull and pale without make up. So it was red for me.

After the consultation, a junior hairstylist worked on my hair. Honestly, I feel a bit cheated because the rate that I paid for was for senior hairstylist. But oh well..

Done with coloring and the junior hairstylist styling my hair. He wanted to curl it for me but my hair is too fine and curls turned out to look like half assed job. One side was perfect while another side half straight half curl. He looked damn frustrated with the result and I just laughed it off.

In the end, my hair looked like this, half curled perfectly and half curled inward and gone straight after half an hour.

Red hair alert! hahaha it looked bright red under the sun.

My review on the famous Number 76:
1) A little overpriced as I only get consultation from the senior hairstylist and it was the junior hairstylist that worked on my hair 100%.

2) I absolutely love the color and my hair looked shiny and healthy after. Unfortunately, the color only lasted me for two good weeks. It was my hair problem because every colors I've had faded after two weeks because I wash my hair daily.

As it was my first time, they gave me member card and 20% discount as well as RM20 voucher which I used to buy color shampoo. 

It was okay for me but I doubt I will come back next time.

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