Wednesday, February 27, 2013

24th Birthday

So, my birthday was last month and I have been really taking my sweet time to blog about it. Maybe it's the age thing, I was not feeling as excited as I was during birthday when I was younger. Aging sucks, you know but it's a good thing too. Haven't you heard the more birthday you have, the longer you live? (Sorry I'm so lame :p)

Duck faced. 

My date for the night, the bf.

This is the first time I've put up the bf's picture in my blog. My blog is always been something that so close to my heart, a place where I let everything out, it's something personal for me. It's something that I would look back when I was older and reread what the younger me had done. Since my blog is public too, I've always been careful with what I posted here. Therefore, I chose to wait awhile to make him go public in here. 

What I thought to be a normal dinner with some friends at Tanahmas turned out to be a surprise one, planned by both of my dearest friends, Xiao S and Miao. Both of them were acting nonchalantly whole day that day. Xiao S coldly wished me Happy Birthday through Whatsapps and Miao didn't even wished me at all. I should have known they had something up on their sleeves.  

Meet the culprits:
Xiao S


Finally took my Union Jack clutch that I got in Bangkok out for that night

After our meals, we excused ourselves from the guys to the ladies room to do what we're best at:

Outfits of the day:

We really made full use of all the mirrors in the washroom

Girls, thank you for making my birthday such a happy and great one. 
Real friends are hard to come by these day.

Thank you too babe. For making sure I have all the persons that I care and love to celebrate my birthday with me.

Instax mini from the bf as my gift <3 p="">

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