Saturday, August 2, 2014


I knew I'll take lots of OOTDs shots when I bought my new vanity with huge mirror. Scrolling through my phone and found some shots to be shared. I didn't take shot of my outfit everyday because I couldn't be bother and I don't like taking shots of the same outfit la. 

This outfit was for Sara's birthday dinner. Top from Topshop and pleated skirt from local boutique.

Random dinner with friends some time ago. Top from Twenty3 and the same skirt from Bugis Street. And yes my desk was in clutter. Everyday.

This was quite recently, after I'm coming back from Bangkok which was one and a half month ago. Pants and bag are from Bangkok, top from my own shop and headband from Sereni & Shentel (matte Mini Ice Ice Baby)

Opss, my desk is in a total mess here. Anyway, focus on the outfit. Top is from ancient time. Hahahaha I had it since long time ago and skort is from Bangkok. 

Random background because it was at a fitting room during my casual outing. Nothing outstanding much for the outfit. Top is just random T-shirt and short jeans is from my old jeans that I DIY-ed myself. Creative or not lololol.

Dress from a boutique in Melaka. 

I don't remember where I got the top but i think it was from random shop and the pants is from Forever 21 which I seldom wear because it can show camel toe. Go google camel toe if you don't know what it is. Here I link it for you.

A different kind of OOTD shot. Purse is from Zara, top is from random shop, so is my short.

Wedding dinner outfit for my bestie wedding. Dress from online blogshop and same purse from above picture.

Another fitting room shot. Trying a black dress from H&M which I didn't ended up buying because I have too much black dress.

I bought the top from H&M and skirt is from Cotton On. For me, 80% of the time spent in fitting room is to pose and take photo. While the rest is checking out my body for new cellulite hahahaha

Trying out the crop top which turned out to be normal top for me and the pyjama style pant which Xiao S is strongly against me buying.

Grey basic top from FashionValet and white short from Zara which I refrained from buying because spending 200 bucks on a white short that I'll stain is not worth it.


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