Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bangkok Day 3

Okay, the continuation of my Bangkok food post. I told you before and I'll tell you again. This trip is all about food. Like you don't know that already, right? My instagram and Wechat was filled with all the food porn. By the way, I bought tourist 3G sim card at 7-11 in Thai so that I can be connected to the virtue world. It was really cheap, around 350-390 baht for 1Gb of data maybe. My advise, don't buy the 50 Baht sim card because you have to top up the credit on your own or else it will keep sending you messages in Thai telling you to top up in order to use the data. 

Dinner on Day 2 of our trip. We had Korean cuisine, the famous desserts, street food and all that, so we wanted to try authentic Thai food, not your normal Tomyam Gung or pad thai. So Pupe brought us to this Thai restaurant that I already forgot the  name of it. Sorry! This place served amazing food and some of it is super spicy. 

The tomyam gung. The transparent blob that you see is actually collagen. So yeah, we had collagen in our soup hehehe. Beat that.

Sara's friend, Pupe. She's such a sweet and soft spoken girl. We only casually told her we wanted to try authentic Thai food and she really brought us there. 

Pork liver and triple layer pork. The triple layer pork is the bombdigidy. So delicious and tender yet still crispy. Now I know why Thai girls have such nice body because their food portion quite small.

Strawberry and mango salad. Sweet and sour combination. This is a great appetizer because it really opens up your appetite.

Half eaten fried rice and pork rib maybe. I can't remember the dish but it is really spicy. Poor Yufen couldn't eat anything else after having this. 

Another fried rice. The shredded thingy is actually shredded meat.

After dinner, we went for second round dinner. Yup, second round. Pupe was so sweet and thoughtful, she suggested that we go for Hokkaido Ramen because maybe we're not full enough from dinner.


Our ramen. We shared a big bowl of ramen because we were quite full actually.

We had gyoza too.

The next day, we had planned to go to King Kong for Japanese Yakiniku. And this is my favorite meal of all. All sorts of meats for us to pick from, they got pork, lamb, beef, salmon, and prawns. 

We had all of these and more on the other sides. I'm too paiseh to take too much photos. Oh yeah, times our food 2 because we ordered twice. It's so good and sinful that I felt I ate too much meat during this trip. Felt so guilty yet so satisfying too.

But that doesn't stop me for dessert.

My crepe with frozen fruits but a bit too sweet. We had this at Platinum mall food court.

Mango sticky rice again because we couldn't get enough of it.

We visit Asiatique at night. And meet up with Sara's friend, Lina at The Pizza Company for dinner.

All of us! Lina is so sweet and nice too. And she speak Mandarin too. I personally think she's such a brave girl. She went to Guang Zhou alone to learn Mandarin for 4 months. Tell me, this is brave or not?

After dinner, we explored Asiatiaque and they have so many nice shops. Rows and row of clothes, accessories and souvenirs. It is so much better than Chatuchak, I skipped Chatuchak because we wanted to sleep in. I bought a bag and pants here and it's quite cheap. There are so many other things that I wanted to buy but I was quite broke already.

A photo of all of us before saying goodbye to Lina.

The spectacular Ferris wheel.

The shops at Asiatique are quite hippie and sells lot of unique things.

And of course after eating and shopping, we went for massage. I HAD THE BEST MASSAGE EVER IN MY WHOLE LIFE.

At first I was quite angry at my masseur. She was young and petite but surprisingly very strong. She was literally pinching my body, at least that's how I felt. It was freaky painful and I may have or may not cursing her in my head. A few times I told her "pain, soft" but she ignored me. 

Only at the end, I realized she was trying to untie my knots. I have been having some pain of my shoulder and she miraculously untie all of my knots. The massage didn't leave me sore, I always get sore muscles after massage. But this one left me feeling so refresh and light. It was the best 350 baht I've ever spent. It was a professional healing center located at Asiatique and sometimes you have to queue for your turn.  

This is the amazing masseur. 

Final food photo and it was our lunch at the airport before flying home.
Japanese curry.

I have to rant about Malaysian at the airport because I was so angry. When we reached the airport and going through custom check, a guy in normal clothes with an I-don't-know-what-ID badge jumped in my way and said "Malaysia Police, open your bag."

I was like huh? His tone was so rude and annoying. I understand that is his job to check any suspicious person whom maybe smuggling drugs but at least show your Malaysian good attitude and politeness.

Like "Excuse me, miss. I'm Malaysia Police and can you step aside? I need to check your bag" And after that maybe help me carry me bag to the side because it was freaking heavy?

He rummaged through my bag and found nothing except for maybe dirty underwear and bras. I was kidding. 

Really spoiled my mood upon coming back to my own country. Ok, rant over and it was still a great holiday for me.

And now I need another holiday. Counting down to 2 and a half weeks for another holiday. Hehehe

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