Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vacation's over

I have completely mixed feeling when my vacation is over. Part of me dreading going back to work but another part of me glad it's over. Managing 8 people for family vacation is stressful. Too many demands and requests. However, I'm quite proud for the fact that this is the first ever family vacation that I took my family to. 

I purposely picked Langkawi as we all have never been there and it's relatively within my budget. Besides, what's more could you asked for other than sitting by beach and drinking super cheap alcohol. I could never paid another RM18 for a bottle of Somersby anymore. It costs less than 1/3 of that price there.

Life's good when you're on holiday

Will update more soon when I am done sorting out photos.
In the mean time, my pocket is still recovering from the large hole. 
But that won't stop me for planning daydreaming about my next trip.

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