Saturday, August 30, 2014

My bags wishlist

This was taken from my Dayre two days ago and edited.

That is what I look like for the past few days.

I'm in love.

But not with a person. With a thing.

A bag, to be precise.

Philip Lim 3.1 Mini Pashli Satchel

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what look at first sight looks like.

Since I'm on the topic of bag, I might as well list down my dream bags wishlist. Some more I've spent the whole night googling for info about these bags eg. what leather are these bags are made of, where to buy cheaper (UK or US), what are the seasonal colors etc.

My list is not in chronicle order, I don't mind which one I got first as long as I got it. But frankly, I'm gravitate toward Balenciaga more. So, I'll start with it.

"Balenciaga Giant 12 City"

Is this color shocking you guys? Lol. If I were to invest in a designer handbag, I don't think I will settle for black color, unless if I already have one and shop for a second one. Since Balenciaga is all about color, I'll pick this shocking pink (Rose Thulian). Reason being, it is a perfect everyday bag for work and since I mostly wear black and dull color, this bag for sure will stand out. Even for just 5 minutes walking distance from car park into my office hahaha. 

Back track a bit, when I showed the bf the Philip Lim 3.1, he said the color (red) will hard to match with my outfit. I brushed him off and told him that the bag itself is a statement, it doesn't have to match my outfit. And he ignored me. Pfft..

On the contrary, this color got my attention too.

With the gold hardware

Actually I love all of the Balenciaga City colors. Some are bold, some are subtle. It is impossible to just choose one.


"Celine Nano"

Such a beautiful baby. This cobalt blue is screaming my name. Again, with such designer handbag, the color and the design itself are bold enough for your entire outfit. The size too is perfect for everyday on the go girl.

"Chloe Paraty"

For this one, I'll go with white. Every girl should have at least one white handbag for those tone down days. This is effortlessly chic to match with any outfit.

The bags that I've listed are quite high on my list. Of course there are other bags that I would love to have too. I have my list done, next step is to save my money for it. One step at a time, a bag in a year.

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