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I was going through my draft posts that failed to make an appearance in this world wide web since 2009. Younger me really impress myself, every emotions and my writing are completely raw. I really just wrote whatever I want back then. Some bring back so much memories especially when I was still a student and my only worries are to finish my assignments and get my crush to notice me wtf.

Let me post it here and walk down the memory lane. Some things I still remember and some I have no idea what or whom I was talking about. Nevertheless the 25 years old me having fun reading the 20 years old me's thought.

**Grey font and Italic is my draft posts

1. 3 Things that I absolutely positve about Robert Pattison (Written on August 15 2009)
1. Robert is born to be Edward Cullen.

2. Robert is (Yup, even back then I couldn't finish my own list)

OMG!! This was written when I was super in love with Twilight. I watched and read the whole saga. Even trying hard to force my partner (mind you, not boyfriend ok! Just a very very close friend) to like Twilight. I think I really push Twilight so hard to him and that's all I ever talked about, I'm surprised he never ask me to shut the hell up lol.

2. Alive than ever (Written on September 20 2009)
I just found out that someone post my picture with my friends in his blog. It was rather insulting. I'm so pissed off. 

Okay, this one really boiled me up. A guy, a Perez Hilton wannabe create a blog (I won't name the blog or even link them because I don't want to give hit to him) to gossip about students in my uni. He stole the photo of my friends and I from our Facebook. Yup, he was in our friend list and has accessed to our photo because we went to the same faculty and attended some classes together. Not together as in close friend, okay! Just had the same class.

So childish ='=

This guy was hunger for fame obviously. He thought he was in Gossip Girls.

Of course I have comment back but he ignored me. Pffftt but he got awkward when we bumped into him around uni.

3. Happily Living in Our Artificial World (Written on November 12 2009)
I still remember the first day he approached me in my Facebook world. He said I have nice smile and should smile always. Back then, I never paid any much attention to him. The compliment did flattered me but never in my dream I would thought that we will be this 'close' someday. Truth is, I had been eying him up for the past year, just for fun though. Eyeing boys up is always been my favorite past time. He was just one of few that caught my attention.

Hahahahha this one is so funny and mushy. Actually now that I saw this, I finally remember how I got close with my partner. But I'm glad he did approached me and now I can turn to him to talk about anything. He's sorta my secret life adviser. 

4. Catch me if I fall (Written on April 28 2010)
From a stranger to an acquaintance to friend to best friend and now to special friend.

We had come a long way, isn't it?

Oopsss! I guess this was when I fell in love with him. Lololol so guys, this is what happened when you keep flirting with your own friend. In case some of you are wondering, no, we didn't end up together.

5. Quickie Update (Written on May 27 2010)
I loath meeting when I have no idea what are they talking about. What figure? What budget? Today is my second meeting which is the extension of our first meeting. I had pleasant experience during the last meeting because I enjoy listening to them discussing the current issues and projects. It helps to expose me to the real working scope. But today they are talking about figure and budgets, which I find absolutely boring. The only things that keep me going through the meeting is my broadband sim card and the meal afterward. Yesterday I have my first site visit. It was fantastic. I'll share the experience later. If you notice, I'm typing this without paragraph. Well, that because I'm updating this from my phone. Didn't bring laptop today because the meeting is scheduled for whole day. Thus, I'm making full use of the available facilities. Dear time, please fast forward to evening so that I can pack and tune into Gawai mode.

Such a life of an internship student. Hahahaha I'm really having fun reading back my old draft. Oh well, one thing remains the same, I still loath meeting. Another downside is now I have nothing to look forward after meeting. No meal and have to stay back after work some more.

6. If only (Written on August 5 2010)
- If only I have the courage, I'll ask you all the things I'd been wanting to know.

- If only we didn't hold back all these times, we might be at a better place now.

- If only we being honest to each other, we won't be walking in a maze, messing with our own thoughts.

- If only you didn't hesitate, we might have a picture of us in our prom attire night last year.

- If only

Oh uh.... Here comes the emo part of my student life. I guess all those flirting non stop but never take the plunge to step forward in my special relationship was detrimental to my own emotion. But really la, I was kinda pissed off with him for leading me on but not making things official. Frankly though, I'm glad we really didn't end up together because those decisions might lead to different consequence to my life right now. I'm probably not where I am right now. I wouldn't change anything that I did in the past because it lead me to where I am now. Except maybe I will take a gap year after graduate.

7. Reconciliation (Written on March 30 2011)
I don't hold grudges.

Ok, I have no idea what was I talking about here. I was still a student in 2011 and I don't remember having any fights with anyone and I'm sure this has nothing to do with my crush too. Well, I guess this will remain a mystery.

I don't know I'll be having so much fun reading stuff that I've wrote years ago. Having blog and keep draft like this is good to keep those memories alive. I'm glad I've started this blog 5 years ago in a small dorm room in my uni using only Celcom broadband.

Slowly I see myself transitioning from a student to an young adult and now a mid 20's. 5 years later I'll be writing about marriage and kids perhaps wtf.

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