Friday, August 22, 2014

Becoming Becky Bloomwood

Something is utterly bothering me today when I did my monthly finance check. Yup, I did this every month to make sure I do not go overboard with my spending and yet I failed EVERY SINGLE MONTH!! And this month is the worst that I've ever had.

I've overspent my money. My non existing future money. There, I've said it.

I was super shocked when I check my credit card bill. I thought there is a mistake and did a double check and realized I did swiped my card for all those purchase. 

Who knows all those small purchases added up could burnt such a big hole in my pocket. Well, this is a super expensive lesson for the shopaholic me. I hate to admit this but no more nonsense shopping for me for at least two months and my cards are now tucked away in safe so that I won't use them anymore. Or at least until year end.

Now I know how Becky Bloomwood felt like when she received those letters from bank. I also understand how she felt like when she saw something in store that she wants to buy.

Sorry B-bag, it might take me another year to save to own you now. :(

**Post note: In case you misunderstood, I do not receive letter from bank. The letter in case is my credit card bill. 

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