Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Langkawi Day 1

I just got back from Langkawi a week ago and finally sorting out all of the photos. I was having a blast exploring the little island with my family but a little careless with sunblock. So that explained the peeling skin on my forehead the very next day I'm back.  Note to self: must remember to reapply sunblock.

Selfie at the airport

I was not feeling well the night prior to our flight. I could feel fever was coming for me and downed 2 panadols that day. Last time I went to Bangkok, I felt the same too the night before my flight fml. Don't know what's wrong, maybe just my body telling me it's too excited to go on holiday.

My parents are the most excited about the flight I think. They woke up at 4.30am for a 8.20am flight ='=. And they decided to woke me up at 5 freaking am wtf. But I couldn't argue with them for more zzzz time because I have history of missing my flights. Yup, flights. I've missed two flights because I was late.

Groupie hehehhe

All of us

We had about 4 hours to kill in KLIA2 but we didn't do much also. Just had lunch and explore the airport a bit. My oh my, I love KLIA2. Whoever own the airport really up their game (or my standard is really low wtf) I feel like I'm in mall shopping instead of just waiting for transit. If only they bring H&M or Forever21 there, my life is complete. Hahahaha

On our flight to Langkawi, we are probably the only Malaysian family on board. I don't know why there are so many Arabians went to Langkawi for holiday. They dominated the flight. By the way, this is not a racist statement okay, just an observation.

It rained miserably when we touched down at Langkawi airport but it didn't dampened our spirit (pun intended hahaha). Made a swift decision to rent Avanza for our whole stay at one of the airport car rental which turned out to be the best decision ever. Car rental is available at the airport so there is no need to pre book and you feel free to bargain with them about the price. I got the Avanza for RM80/day. Super cheap right? But then again, Langkawi is duty free so the car price probably cheap too. 

Drop our luggage at the hotel and off we go.

We stayed at De Baron Resort in Kuah. I regretted staying there tho. Not because the hotel sucks or anything but there's nothing to do at Kuah. There's only several malls around which basically sell the same things eg. chocolate, alcohol, cigarette etc. We prefer outdoor activities and exploring the island, so the perfect place to stay is at Chenang. But never mind also, we got car can drive there everyday (but really waste our gas)

De Baron Resort is quite nice although it does not feel any resort-y if you know what I means. Our room quite spacious and has sea view but my parents room is small and no nice view. And my mom complained that their water pressure really low, I didn't experience that in our room tho.

First things first after we're done check in at the hotel is to hunt for food. Everyone was famished, so we cincai picked a Thai Restaurant. I love the food because it feel authentic, they even played Thai song on the radio. But it was a tad too expensive for some really simple dishes.

All sort of cigarettes from the duty free shop next to our restaurant. 

They have sisha bong (?) too

The only photo of our food, too starving to be bother to snap more

View from our hotel room

After the early dinner, we drove to Chenang to catch sunset and checking out island hopping tours. Chenang is half an hour drive for Kuah T_T And we saw monkeys, they are everywhere, on the road side, on the trees.

Reached Chenang beach and took photos of us first wtf

This photo is overly edited by me and I'm too lazy to reedit but I like it. Looks like some scene in music video wtf

My dad is not impressed hahaha

We strolled along the beach just to survey the crowd and the tours provided. Because it was off peak season, there were not much crowd and mostly are foreigners.The beach was more quiet than I've expected. Probably because the sun already set and there's nothing much to do.

I've gained so much weight *gasp* *faint*

If compared to Phuket, Langkawi is a lot more quaint and not as lively as Phuket. Even their night market is just a stretch of stalls along a lane selling only clothes. I'm talking about the one near Underwater World Aquarium because it is the nearest to the beach. I didn't bother to check out other night market that's far from the beach.

Anyway, that concludes my day 1 there. Will continue blogging about the rest of the trip soon.

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