Friday, August 8, 2014

Pino the shihtzu maltese

It is past midnight now and I'm beyond tired but I already promised myself that I'll have this entry up tonight. Shit, my internet is super shitty now. It took forever to load a page. So, talk again tomorrow.


The intro above was written last night. So picking up when I left it off last night. I have been so busy going out with friends/bf/ family that I rarely stay at home now. Sometimes, I only came back to sleep. Which means I've spent less and less time with Pino. 

But every time I open my front door, he is always there, wagging his tail and jumping in excitement. My heart melts at this sight. And that is how he guilt trip me.

When I was busy at the computer, he whined for my attention. His favorite game are to pretend bite my fingers and chasing game.

Don't know whether Pino is old or just plain lazy, but he now always refused to move. Not even when I tricked him with his treat.

Selfie time! Which he hates so much wtf!

See how his eyes turned green when I force-kissed him. His eyes turned green when he angry and he better be left alone otherwise he'll bite.

Whatcha looking at?!

His favorite time of the day is when I let him out to do his business and we walked around the neighborhood. But this small fella likes to chase bigger dogs. ='=
Once he even hurt his legs and couldn't walked properly for weeks because he was chasing cat and landed on the wrong foot.

He was pure white when we first got him but some how grew some spots after some times. Is that normal? Or an ageing sign for dog lololol.

Such an unglamorous pose, some more show his balls. HAHAHHAHAHA this dog really no manner.

Ok better pose now. At least his balls are concealed behind his fluffy hair. lolol

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