Monday, July 4, 2011

Skin Food

Remember the training that I'd told you guys about? It was about my part-time job. I had started my part-time job as promoter in Skin Food outlet in Sibu about a week ago. The training was about exposing me to all ranges of their products. It was quite easy for me because I had been using their product for quite some times now.

It was very spontaneous decision for me. I went to their store to buy some stuff and they put up an ad for a promoter. So, I was like "why not? I have nothing to do at home, might as well use the time to earn some extra money."

Form was filled, call was made and I got the job. I'm still adjusting to remember the products and their functions but I'm doing fine now. Serving the customer and answering their questions was hard at first, but I'm getting better now. The only downside is the long hours trapped in the mall. I don't get to go out and have fun anymore. Have to turn down some invitations for movies and hang outs too. :(  you just can't have it all, can you? The bright side, I get to use their products for free and $$$. 

By the way, I'm so excited for this weekend. My friends and I had been talking about this plan since months ago and now it is just a few days away. Will spill it out soon! I can't wait to meet my friends and have fun. Here's the hint: Cat city. 

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  1. Hey Mellisa! This might be extremely random, but you said you work at Skin Food and I have an interview with them. Could you help me out and tell me how your interview went, what questions were asked, and what kind of person they are looking for in an employee? I'd appreciate it very much! (:
    You can e-mail me at Thank you!