Monday, July 18, 2011


Last month Hoe entered a singing contest organized by The Queen and my talented friend got the 2nd place. I went to his quarter final but missed his final competition because it clashed with Rainforest World Music Festival. Since I missed his final, I'm not gonna miss his celebration party, a small gathering with friends at K-Pop Room in Tanahmas.

Don't let the look fools you. Much to our disappointment, the fried chicken wings were tasteless.
The fish fingers with tartar sauce was so-so only.

But Hoe already ordered 3 plates of fried chicken wings ='=

The source of my toothache

Sara, Me, Miao and Lily

When we're not singing, we're eating

Hoe, Sara, me and Miao

Bullying Miao's brother, Trevon

We They sang their heart out all night long meanwhile I was busying nomming the tasteless fried chicken wings. If you bring me out for karaoke session, you will be able to sing in peace because I will not fight for the mic. Trust me, I can't sing to save my life. The most line that I sang that night was "Woo Hoo" from The Time from Black Eyed Peas. 

After karaoke session, I met up with my Uni friends whom were in town for a while. Like usual, we went clubbing until the wee hour. Is it age catching up with me or what? I didn't feel like drinking and dancing that night. Maybe I was being a responsible driver or maybe that club just wasn't my kind of club. Either way, it was great catching up with the boys.

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