Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Prawn, anyone?

My dad is really big on family bonding, he likes to spend as much time as possible with us. Even for groceries shopping, he and my mom would wait for us to wake up late at noon without a single complain. My parents really pamper us too much.

While my mom's idea of bonding is baking, my dad's idea is slightly different. His version of bonding is prawn fishing. I know, fishing sounds boring. But trust me, it isn't. It was fun and addictive especially when you caught the prawn. 

My brother introduced this prawn fishing pond to my dad. Basically, it's a shop with man-made ponds (or is it bigger tub?). You rent the fishing rod and they will release the prawns into the pond, then it's up to your skill to catch those.

Our prawns

Doesn't sound challenging much? Well, you can try the pond with the lobsters, it was almost impossible to catch one, for us beginners at least. But for a beginner in a small pond, we were doing good, 800g of prawns in 3 hours. Not bad, right? 

We had been going there for 2 days straight and spent 3 hours, just fishing. I never thought that I would try fishing before. Well, the idea of sitting and waiting for the fish/prawn is not too appealing to me. But I totally changed my mind after I caught my first prawn. It was totally exciting. Seeing my dad so excited in teaching us to control our rods, taking off the prawns from the rod and putting on  baits made it all worth it. Quality time with the loved one, I'm contented. :)

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