Monday, June 27, 2011

Catching up

For the past 2 weeks, I'd been making good use of my time to catch up with my high school friends. Universities are on their long holiday, so everyone are back home. Plus Sara is back from the land far far away. She just finished her degree at UK and now she's back for a while. 

Me and Sara

I haven't see her in 2 years. I was kind of expecting some awkwardness when I came fetch her but how wrong was I?  Nothing is changed about her. She is still the very same girl that I'd grown up with. The chatty and bubbly Sara :)  

Hoe and Miao

Hoe is entering a singing contest which is organized by The Queen Bar and Lounge. We went there for his semi-final last night. He was doing great but too bad he got dragged down from a 2nd place to 5th place currently. The final is in two weeks time and I'm sure he can pull it off during his big night. Finger crossed for him.

I couldn't help but feel like Sibu is such a small place. I kept bumping into the same person everywhere I went. Next thing I know, this friend is a friend to my friend too. Just realized I shared lots of mutual friends with my friends lately. What a small world, eh?

Last Thursday I went to catch Laddaland, a Thailand horror movie with my little sister. It was a good movie, gave us quite a goosebumps. I had quite an unpleasant experience with the cinema here. Let's just say, they are very rude, kept us waiting like crazy for 2 hours because the management or more like the counter lady was taking her dinner time. What kind of service is that? Closing the counter just like that? Apparently we had nothing better to do except exploring the night market nearby and camwhoring.


Besides catching up with friends and family, I had been undergoing a training too. Will fill you guys with that later on. Stay tuned :)

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