Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Packing again

I've been back from Song four days ago and now I'm packing again. Guess where I'm going? Nothing fancy tho, I'm going back to Kuching to hand in my thesis. After settling the thesis, I will be officially finishing my degree. Wow, time flies. 3 years of Uni life passed just like that. It felt like yesterday I was still rushing assignments, doing lab reports, preparing for field trips and now I've to the end of student life, which means a new beginning for the real world. I'm so not ready to face the corporate world out there, heard it is mean and harsh!

I will stay at Kuching for a week, just enough time to meet up with my friends. I hope I can squeeze in as much hanging-outs and dinner dates with all the friends, especially HEMAS (H=Harold, E=Emelia, M=Mila, A=Abang, S=Suzi, yours truly) Yeah, we created our own friendship group cause we're cool like that hehe. I didn't get to meet them before leaving Kuching last month, so this time it is a must. But Mila is already back to her hometown T_T I wish to see my munyits too, if that's possible. I miss them.

Coming back home, I thought I could just chillax and enjoy but I did everything but that. Been busy attending the relatives coming back for Gawai, the guests for Gawai festival and all sorts. I couldn't help but feel like I'm living in a suitcase. I haven't been unpack since coming back from Kuching. Now I have 3 luggages laying around my room which served as my closet. My room is in hurricane state, a complete mess which reflects how my life had been lately. I was so overwhelmed by everything that going on around me that I forgot to dedicate some time for myself. After this trip to Kuching, I really should organize and tidy up everything, my room, my life. I couldn't stand the mess, especially my room.