Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddy's day

Happy father's day!

This year Father's Day is a special one because I'm home to celebrate it with my family. Unlike previous years, the closest celebration I had was having my sister tagged me in their celebration pictures in Facebook. Pfft But now no more. We got our dad an ordinary chocolate cake the day before and instead of writing the wish in English as we normally did, we changed it to Iban. "Selamat ari apai, kami sayau ke nuan" = Happy father's day, we love you. Notice the smudge at the word sayau? That was because they spelled it wrongly. Instead of sayau, they wrote sangat. We demanded them to change it and customers are always right ;p

Growing up, my dad is a very strict father. He set a schedule for us when we were young. Our sleeping time was 9pm, right after Buletin Utama on TV3 finished. Sleepy or not, we must tucked ourselves in and this continued till I was in Form 1. Back then, my play time was from 5pm till 6.30pm. I cannot step outside the house before 5pm or else he'll have my mom to chase after me with hanger. ='= tough life,  I told you. After that, I must showered and had my dinner because at 8pm sharp, I must do my revision, exam or not. My friends were not allowed to call my house after 8pm and boys were not allowed to call me AT ALL. 

After entering high school, the rebel in me started to show. I sneaked out at night, lied about my whereabouts during weekend, snapped at my parents when they asked me anything. I don't know why am I such a grumpy teenager? Blame the hormones. But my dad was very patient in handling my rebelliousness. After high school, I was chosen to join National Service and that's my turning point. Being away from home, I learnt to appreciate my dad more. I would called him in the middle of night just because I was scared to sleep. Sleeping in an almost empty army style dorm room up on the hill with nobody you know was spooky okay! 

Being the strict dad that he was, he never love me any less. Trust me, I'm his spoiled little girl. Anything I want, 90% of the time, I got it. But fret not, I'm not a demanding daughter. I know my limit. He is my pillar of strength, my biggest supporter and my role model. We don't talk much, my dad is a man with not many words. Sometimes, we would watch the telly together without saying a word. But deep down, I know he loves me and I love him. 

Cheers to the most important and greatest man in my life.
This picture didn't do my mom's justice. She was hidden behind my dad.

Here's a better one
But she was looking away. Sigh, mom cared more about the television show than taking picture with us.

Let me introduce you to a new semi-family member,
Kirby! She's my brother gf's.
But sometimes, she stayed with us, to accompany Pino.
That's why she is semi-family :p


  1. Suzi..haha..cgik baka ya nyak..bc maia kitai manchal...haha..ku rasa enti apai d baca d empu post tok terharu ya suzi..

  2. hahaha thanks you amy..malu ku nti ya maca nya :)

  3. kirby nya ukoi spa suzi??? kiut..haha..baka pino bc meh pda ku..

  4. Ukoi girlfriend adik laki ku amy..sama species ngau pino hehe