Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quickie update

Currently staying at my old flat with Vero and her new housemates which are also my friends. It felt weird to see some of my stuffs still laying around the flat, it is as if I never move out in the first place. The place seems so warm and welcoming, or it's me got over sensitive. But it feels good to be back.

Travelling via road for 7 hours was painful. My butt cramped, my neck hurt from the tilting when trying to get some sleep and my body was dehydrated. I didn't drink much because we didn't stop at the rest stop. For the whole 7 hours journey, we only stopped twice. I was a complete mess, my hair tangled up and I didn't bother to put on my contact lens. 

At night, Victor brought us for dinner at Pizza Hut and Angie joined us short after. It was fun to see the girls again. Too bad Angie had to go back to Miri with her family today, she's probably already at home now. I miss you dayung. After dinner, we went to Waterfront, our usual hang-out spot. Sitting at the bench and people watching as usual. I'm really gonna miss this later on. 

Today, I took a ride with my Uni bus for the first time this year. Vero and I had to walk all the way from our flat to the old campus under the scorching sun. Even with the umbrella, my face still got red and all sweaty. We missed our lunch too because we wanted to catch the 2pm bus. Then we were almost soaked in the rain when going back to flat. Life without car is miserable. Lesson learnt, never take anything for granted. My dad really pamper me by providing all the necessities during my study year, car included. I hope tomorrow I will got my thesis declaration and approval sheet signed by my supervisor and can send it for 'jilid'. Finger crossed. Only then I can fully enjoy my weekend. 


  1. i miss you too babe.♥. enjoy ur life. see u again. -dayung bidayuh- :P