Monday, June 6, 2011

Jong Crocodile

Before leaving Kuching, I managed to explore the place a little bit more. To be more precise, explore Serian actually. Victor spontaneously asked Vero and I to go to Jong Crocodile. I've never been there before, so why not now? It was a fun day. Jong Crocodile is like a zoo but the main attraction is of course crocodile, duh! I thought it was a small place but how wrong was I. We all were sweating bullet from all the walking and touring, and running too (we got scared when we walked through the wildlife pathway because the fence seemed broken and any crocodiles may be out there waiting for their lunch). 

Some of the crocodiles.
They are smelly and lazy creatures

Malaya sun bear

Integration of rabbits, chickens and parrots
The scary otters.
They looked cute but beware, otters are very aggressive. They shrieked furiously when we refused to feed them, we brought no food, so what to do?

The pigs.

Buddha praying area

Yours truly

The company

It was a nice and simple trip. But too bad the management do not keep up the maintenance work. Some fences looked old and I always doubt the safety of the place. What if one of the crocodile make it way out of the fence? Can't really imagine it. The bridge is worn out too. Perhaps with a little effort, the place can be a lot  better. It is one of the tourist attractions in Kuching after all.

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