Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Homemade steamboat

Finally, I met up with my HEMAS friends. Harold suggested we do steamboat on our own instead of going to our usual steamboat place. I never had steamboat at home before so I'm quite excited about it. We prepared everything from scratch and it was awesome. 

Shopping for the ingredients
It was more than enough to feed us.

I love the hot dog cheese, so chessy
Thanks Lulu for introducing this :)

I climbed on the chair to get the full picture of our food. Sigh, life of a dwarf hahaha

Poor Amy sprained her ankle and it looked serious. 
Get well soon dear

Mirror, the best prop.

This is the picture that I tried to take when climbing on the chair and the set up for the steamboat wasn't even complete yet ='=
Our soup that night was Tomyam and it was extra hot but yummy to the max

After such a filling dinner, they played Saidina, a game resembles Monopoly. But yours truly skipped the game. A happy tummy made me a lazy girl. 

Armed with the fluffy pillows, yours truly lied comfortably in front of the TV and dozed off completely

So far, my stay here was fantastic. I really brought spending-as-much-time-with-my-friends-as-possible plan to a whole new level. Dinner plan, tea time, party and barbecue plan, meeting nephew before he flew off to Johor, movie, clubbing, you name it, I squeezed it all in my schedule. 

Doing it all for 6 days straight with only 4 hours or less sleep every night kinda taking it toll on me. So I'm taking my night off tonight, just chillaxing with the flatmates and catching up on my sleep. I miss a proper bed. 

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