Sunday, June 26, 2011

Say cheese

I swear I'd gain some weight since I'm coming back home. My mom is being such a wonderful mom lately, she had been pampering me with delicious and fabulous home cooked meal. The other day she was making steak for my lunch. And for dessert, she was making cheese cake and batang buruk

Sigh, how could I not gain weight with all the food that she prepared for us. Since her first cheese cake was a success, she was addicted ever since. Everyday, she would go shopping for different kind of ingredients and would pester my little sis and I to make the cheese cake.

Forced labor. 

I much prefer the manual way of "beating" the cheese cream instead of using the beating mixer. The texture was creamier with the manual way, plus I get to work those flabby arms. Killed two birds with one stone :)

Chocolate and green tea layered cheese cake

This was my first cheese cake and it taste so good, so cheesy. It was the best cheese cake I ever had, despite the not-so-good look. I'm not saying this because I made it myself, even my sister friends said it was good. Well, they said my mom's cheese cake was good too. I didn't have the picture of my mom first cheese cake because I was busy eating it. 

Yesterday evening when I came down after napping in my room, I found another cake in the fridge. My mom was really going crazy over baking. In just one week, we had made 3 cheese cakes. 

Dried strawberry batik cake

I told her to slow down a bit in baking because after having cheese cake for the whole week, I was kind of sick of it. You know what she told me? She said she was practicing for Gawai next year, which is like a year away ='= 

She loves baking it but she do not eat it. So, guess who will finish it and gain weight in the end? Moi. Sigh, I really should start jogging now.