Monday, September 8, 2014

Langkawi Day 2

On the second day of our trip, we chose to go island hopping because my siblings were really excited about it, especially my brother since he missed our KK trip 3 years ago. Island hopping in Langkawi is really cheap in my opinion. But of course what you get is what you paid for. No lunch nor snorkeling equipment provided we are not going to snorkel anyway. A snorkeling trip can cost up to RM90++ per person with lunch provided (this is too expensive in my opinion).

Breakfast for the champion

Car selfie hahahha obviously everyone was still sleepy and not in the mood

Before we onboard

We overheard a group of tourist arguing with the tour guide there. I don't blame the tourist though because some guides can be quite pushy. They have their own photographer that will take photos of each of us and print in on a plate for us to buy. It was kinda awkward actually, I don't want to buy it but I don't want my picture being put on display for others to buy too. 

Our guide, I don't think we managed to get his name is not really friendly, sadly. He did his job, explaining the basic history of the island. But when we asking questions, he ignored us. Or maybe we asked too much questions and he couldn't be bother to answer wtf. However he only answered my dad's questions and ignored the rest of us. ='=

Tadaaa reached our first stop, the Lake of Pregnant Maiden

Swamped with tourist

Remember when I said that monkeys are everywhere on the island? Well, monkeys are really EVERYWHERE. They are on the trees, on the pathway, on the railings, seriously everywhere. We were warned not to bring food or plastic because the monkeys might attack us for food. 

That's not classy showing off your balls, dude!

The floral dress that I wore here is a dress that I bought maybe 10 years ago and never actually wear it.
Found it recently when I was cleaning my wardrobe

The lake

It rained right after we reached the lake. It took about 10 minutes of walk from the jetty to get to the lake. Everyone were scurried off to get shelter or buying raincoat/umbrella from the stall, only us busy diving into the water lol.

It was  drizzling with a few minutes of heavy rain and back to drizzle. So it was safe to swim in the rain. I thought I was a good swimmer but 5 minutes in the water trying to maintain "floating" was a lot of hard work. 

This was near the jetty, so it is salt water.

We back to our boat after an hour of swimming in the lake. Our boat man was waiting for us by the jetty the whole time. Our next activity was eagle feeding but I couldn't recall the island name. It was a popular spot for eagle feeding. The boat man threw bread into the water with the hope that the eagle will eat those. But sadly no eagle were eating those. 

We did saw lots of eagles flying around. Nothing really fascinating, truth to be told. Just some eagles flying around, occasionally entertained us by circling our boat.

Most of the eagles were hiding in on the tree branches up in the jungle there.

Spotted one

Our last stop is Pulau Beras Basah which honestly is a big disappointment. Maybe due to the bad weather, it was drizzling again when we were there, there were no much people on the beach. And no activities ongoing too. I mean there are kayak, jet ski and banana boat available but due to the bad weather, nobody was playing. So the whole stretch of beach was a bit empty.

But us, rain or no rain, the game is still on. We just played around in the sea water while the parents were sipping Maggie Hot Cup in the hut away from the rain. The best moment on Pantai Beras Basah was when we were hungry, we slurping our cup noodles under the drizzle while sitting on the beach and letting the waves washed our feet. Simple but definitely memorable.

We back to mainland after 4 hours and staying by the Chenang Beach to maximize beach time.

So we went on banana boat. 

The weather was over cast at the mainland but we thought it will still be okay for water activities. So we got ourselves a package of banana boat and jet ski. This is the worst decision ever.

Right after the banana boat, we were supposed to be on our jet skis. But they only got two jet skis available, so my brother and his gf went on one while both of my sisters went on the other. The bf and me stranded on the beach waiting for them (guide) to get us another jet ski.

As we wait, the sky was so gloomy and the sea was so rough that my sis turned her jet ski back and said she didn't wait it anymore. They were barely 5 minutes on it and she said the wave was too rough. The stupid guide scolded her and asked her not to come back until their time is up or else he'll charge us double wtf.

But my sis charmed her way and ask the guide to drive the jet ski for them. lolol

When it was our turn for the jet ski, I was already fed up of waiting. But boy, my sis was so right about the wave. It was rough and drizzling. The bf was having hard time controlling the jet ski and went against the wave to go out to the sea wtf. The further we went from the beach, the scarier I got. There was nobody else in sight and the beach was at least 150km away. It was bloody cold and I got sea water in my eyes. I seriously thought that will be the dead of me.

I mean if we capsized in the middle of the sea, nobody gonna see us. 

On the other hand, my brother was having a ball of time jet skiing with his gf. That boy really has no fear and went really fast and even further away from the beach. We couldn't even see them and the guide had to jet off to go after them asking them to come back when their half an hour was up lololol. 

In the end, we gave up our jet ski although we paid a lot for that. 

So the bf settled with paddling on the beach wtf

And some of us enjoying the guide's hammock
Yeah, we became friends afterward and they let us on banana boat for cheaper price the next day and my bro even get on jet ski for free the next day. Plus the weather was so much better the next day T_T

Chilling by the deck on our hotel at night with my tomato red face

Behind the barricade is actually the sea. The sound of  wave crashing against the shore at night can be quite comforting and definitely put my mind at ease. One of my dream is to buy or build a beach house which I'll visit just to get away from the chaos of life.

This is the pathway to the deck from our hotel

Part of our hotel
I didn't take much photos of the hotel because nothing really outstanding there. 
Day 3 post coming soon, finger cross my internet will not be interrupted again.
It took me 5 days to upload photos for this post.

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