Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Early this year, I had set some challenges for myself to conquer in 2012 but I only post one up in my first post for 2012 and shamelessly admit that I failed the challenge. After that, a month had past and I completely forgot about these challenges. See, this is the reason why I didn't make any new year or whatsoever resolutions, I'll forget about it anyway. 

But when I was at work today, I made a little self-reflection about how much have I change lately. It all started when a once-was-friend-now-is-stranger (it's complicated) said something about what happened to the person aka me that once he knew. Pfft, I don't think I'd changed, even if I do, I hope it's for better. 

Truth is, I did change. Lately I had stopped doing things that I used to love. Maybe I was too busy, I just couldn't find time for all the activities or habits that I once loved. But it's not too late for me to pick up the old as well as some new habits. So, I think I can start small, doing the simplest thing first because you can't expect a baby to run when he takes his first step, right?

1. Reading
I can't remember what was the last book that I'd read. It had been too long. I used to be such a bookworm before especially when the Twilight fever hit me. I read all the Twilight series, including Midnight Sun (Edward POV) in less than 2 weeks. I miss the excitement of wanting to know more about the plot and let my imagination run free, directing my own version of book adopted movie. 

The abandoned books on my bedside table.
(Yes, it is my high school name tag at the back :p)

2. Cooking & baking
Okay, cooking is a new thing for me. I can't cook a proper dish, it's a fact. I tried before and let's just say I need more and more practice. I never really step into the kitchen unless if I want something from the fridge or during meal time or me cooking instant noodle. The only help that I could offer my mom in the kitchen is to wash the dishes. It's about time for me to put on the apron and pick up the knife or whatever and turn on the stove. I'll start with a simple dish, maybe a simple dinner for the family (hopefully). As for baking, it is a long abandoned hobby, I miss my cheese cakes

3. To listen and care more about family and friends
This is something that I always remind myself to do. No matter how busy or tired I am, I should always make time for them. Because these people are my pillar of strength. I'm trying and still is to be a better friend/sister/daughter for them. It doesn't take much to show that you care, sometimes a little gesture is enough to brighten up their day.

One step at a time. Finger cross I still remember all these after hitting the 'publish post' button. 

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